Try out our new generation of HUD, the SharkScope Desktop

SharkScope HUD

The SharkScope HUD overlays important SharkScope player data onto your poker tables while you play.

Get the HUD for free with a Gold subscripton.

Easily avoid the Sharks and have more fun at the tables

Use the HUD and there will be no more typing in of long player names. All players are scanned automatically for you.

Customize which statistics you want to display and move them to what ever position you choose by clicking and dragging them. Create custom rules for different player types and assign them colors and icons for quick recognition.

View each player’s profit history, ROI and stake levels graphs in the HUD application by clicking on a player name.

Use any of the advanced filters available on the SharkScope website to create custom data filters for your HUD display to only display statistics from relevant game types.

Watch our comprehensive tutorial video to learn more....

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