$3,000 Monthly Achievements Challenge

Unlock as many SharkScope Achievements as you can each month on TigerGaming and win cash prizes paid directly into your TigerGaming account.

Participants are ranked by the number of achievement points they unlock during that month and the top 5 win a share of $1,500 in cash prizes. The unlocked achievements and achievement points are reset at the start of each month. The complete list of achievements can be found here.

In addition, all players with at least 5 achievement points also get free 1,500 starting stack entry to a $1,500 TigerGaming/SharkScope freeroll on the second Sunday of the following month.

Open to existing TigerGaming Players or new sign ups.

To take part submit your TigerGaming player name:

What are achievement points?

SharkScope Achievements are a deck of cards that are each unlocked when certain goals are met. They can be viewed in the achievements section of your player tabs.

Use the drop-down above the cards to show just the achievements unlocked for this month’s competition.

Each regular card unlocked is worth 1 achievement point, face cards are worth 3 achievement points and Aces 5 points.

Ranking Player Achievement Points Cash Prizes $1.5k Freeroll Ticket