Hand History Folders

This lists all the folders that are scanned for hand history files and tournament summary files. The folders are scanned recursively, up to three folders deep. You can manually add or remove folders by clicking the + and buttons.

Auto-detect hand history folders

Uncheck this box if you do not want SharkScope Desktop to automatically find your hand history folders. It is best not to turn this off unless you have a good reason to do so.

Note: don’t add too many folders

We advise not adding the following to your list of hand history folders:

  • your “home” folder
  • your “Desktop”
  • your computer’s root folder (on Windows, this is “C:\”

When you add these folders, SharkScope Desktop needs to do a lot of work to check each file on your computer to see if it is a valid hand history file. In general, the fewer folders SharkScope Desktop needs to scan, the faster it works, the less memory it uses, and the more reliable it is.

Ignore hand history files before date

This is useful if you don’t want older hand histories imported, perhaps because you believe your playing style has substantially changed.

  • By default, this field is set to January 1st 1970.
  • Use the calendar if you want to enter another date. To get quickly to a recent date, click on the blue-coloured sentence showing the date of the day in the lower part of the calendar.

  • Hand history and tournament summary files that are older than the date you enter in this field will be ignored. Files already imported before changing this setting are kept. New files found will not be read if they are older than this date. To get rid of older files, reset the database by choosing Reset Database in the File menu.
  • The ignored files are not erased and can be imported again with the help of a subsequent database reset.

Currency Symbol

If you want SharkScope Desktop to use a different currency symbol, you can enter it here.

Starting bankroll

In order for the charts on the Bankroll and Detailed Bankroll to be accurate, you need to enter your starting bankroll sum here. It is possible to enter a negative amount in this field.

My playing day starts at

Enter the time you typically begin your poker sessions on each day. This is the time used to group your hands into days. This is very important if your poker sessions continue past midnight, as you don’t want hands played past midnight counted as a different day.

Use smart dates

Turn this off to always show the full date and time of hands and tournaments.

Smart date format:

  • hh:mm (13:45). When the hand/tournament was played today
  • dd mm (07 Dec). When the hand/tournament was played this year
  • dd-mm-yyyy (07-Dec-2015). When the hand/tournament wasn’t played the current year

Full format:

  • dd/mm/yy hh:mm (07/12/16 13:45). For every hand/tournament


By default your system language is used; however, many online poker players prefer to work in English. So you can set the language to use here. Choose a language in the dropdown menu and restart the application for it take effect.

Import / Export Preferences

You can easily move all your preferences from one computer to another. Just export a file from your old computer and import it into your new computer.