Tools & Apps

The following 3rd party applications allow you to connect to SharkScope’s database using your SharkScope subscription. Please note that SharkScope is not involved in the development of these applications and thus can not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of software.

SessionLord - (Table Selection & Color Coding)
Price: from $0.99/month

SessionLord is the ultimate SNG opening system for PokerStars. It gets you into better games faster than any of its competitors due to its insanely fast searching mechanism (4x faster than any competitor).

  • Be the first who sits on the last seat of a quality checked game.
  • Accurately color code tens of players in seconds by SharkScope stats.
  • Automatically find the best games for your preference.
  • Unlimited number of gametypes to play in the same session.

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SharkyScanner - (Table Selection)
Price: from $8.99/month

SharkyScanner supports the PokerStars clients and has the following features plus more:

  • Automatic tournament registration.
  • Search for players, whose stats match specified criteria.
  • Automatic reading of SharkScope stats for players in the lobby.
  • Embedding of the SharkyScanner window into client’s lobby.

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Poker Copilot - (Mac HUD & Tracker)
Price: $79.00

Poker Copilot is a poker HUD and tracker for Mac OS X that integrates SharkScope data and statistics from your own hand histories. Try playing online poker with a HUD (head-up display) and you’ll wonder why you ever played without one. Poker Copilot works with PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Winamax, Merge Network, and Ongame Network.

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Selektor - (Automatic Player Notes)
Price: $50.00

Selektor is designed for PokerStars Sit n Go players, and has two modes of operation:

1. Automatic: you run the program, and go drink tea / watch movies / sleep. At this time Selektor scans the lobby for unknown players, searches them on Sharkscope, make notes and color labels, based their statistics and your preferences.

2. Manual: The program monitors the clipboard, and when you copy a player’s nickname from the lobby with Ctrl + C, it shows player statistics and its category in a small pop-up window.

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aScope - (Android App)
Price: $4.99

View player statistics and graphs directly on your Android device. The purchase price includes a 1 month Bronze subscription.

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