Opt-in to make all of your iPoker SNG statistics viewable.

All statistics from tournaments with less than 30 players are hidden by default unless you opt in.

Win a share of $20,000 in weekly prizes.

Every Sunday 60 new prize icons worth optionally $100 cash or a 12 Month Gold SharkScope Subscription (valued at $312) will appear next to randomly chosen opted-In player names who have not reset their statistics.

If you win, you have until the following Sunday to email us at support@sharkscope.com and claim your prize, otherwise the prize is lost. All cash prizes will be paid via PayPal and winners must be able to receive money within the claim period (no exceptions).

Opt-in now in 2 easy steps

  1. Find the special SharkScope cash table in your iPoker client. opt-in to iPoker
  2. Type optin in the chat box opt-in to iPoker