Reviewing a specific hand in the hand replayer can help find your mistakes and improve your game. From the Recent Hands screen, you can open the hand replayer in several ways:

  • Double click on a hand
  • Right-click on a hand and select View in Hand Replayer
  • Select a hand and press Ctrl+O (Windows) or Cmd+R (OS X)

When you open the replayer window:

  • Players are identified by their position instead of their nicknames. Stack counts are displayed under position names. If you have a note on a player, a small pencil icon appears next to the player’s name.
  • The hand is shown at the end of the hand.
  • In the lower part of the replayer, you have several pieces of information that identify the hand; tournament number, blinds level, hand number.

You can change the appearance of the replayer window by:

  • Turning on the HUD,
  • Turning on the pot odds. They’ll be shown in the bottom-right corner,
  • Showing player names instead of positions, using the Anonymise checkbox,
  • Show each hand initially at the beginning of the hand, instead of starting with result

To replay the hand, click on the play button or press the space bar.

The replayer progresses from one player to another and highlights each player’s move.

To freeze the action, you can click on the pause button or press the space bar.

You can also use the slider to move forward or backward in the hand. The F on the rail marks the flop, T is for the turn, and R is for the river. Note that odds are updated as the hand progresses.

Click on Record to save your hand as a “.mov” file on the desktop. This is playable by media players such as VLC, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. This file will be saved on the desktop with the name of the Poker room and hand number included in the file name.

Pot odds

If you have enabled the “Odds” checkbox, then the hand replayer shows you the probability you’ll win the hand, also known as the “pot odds”. This is based on all known information. So as the flop and turn become known, the odds change. As players fold, the odds also change.

It is assumed that your opponents have any random hand. In a real-world situation, your opponents are more likely to have stronger hands, so do consider that the probability is only a rough measure.

The odds are shown in two ways: as a percentage, and as a ratio. If you have a 50% probability of winning, the odds show as 1:1. A 75% probability of winning shows as 3:1. That is, you are 3 times more likely to win than to lose.

Hand History Text

You can view for a text version of the replay by clicking on the Text button in the replayer.

  • The formatted version is good for copying and pasting to friends or coaches.
  • The raw text version can be used in other hand history tools.
  • The 2 + 2 format is useful for the popular 2 + 2 poker forums.