This section shows you how to configure CarbonPoker. All other Merge Network poker rooms have the same configuration procedure.

Enable hand history saving in CarbonPoker

  • From the CarbonPoker menu bar, choose Settings -> Hand History Settings…
  • Check the box labelled Enable Hand History.
  • Use the local drop-down menu and choose Forever for the Keep hand history for: option. Once done, click OK

Set preferred seat in CarbonPoker

  • From the CarbonPoker menu bar, make sure Settings -> Enable Preferred Seating is selected
  • From the CarbonPoker menu bar, select Settings -> Preferred Seating Settings…
  • In the Preferred Seating Settings dialog, check the box Enable Preferred Seating.
  • For each table size (10-max, Full Ring, 8-Max, 6-Max, 4-Max and Heads Up) choose your preferred seat. Click OK when done.

Set preferred seat in SharkScope Desktop

SharkScope Desktop can not automatically read your CarbonPoker settings. So you’ll need to enter your CarbonPoker preferred seat settings manually in SharkScope Desktop. Do this in the Preferences -> “Poker Rooms” screen: