Important update for PartyPoker users

PartyPoker have not provided us with any information on their changes, but as far as we can tell:

  • Hand histories are no longer provided by PartyPoker. This means neither our hand tracking nor our HUD will work with
  • For people who use a regional version of PartyPoker, such as, our HUD and hand tracking are still fully working.

This section shows you how to configure PartyPoker. All other PartyPoker skins, such as bwin have the same configuration procedure.

Make sure PartyPoker is running in English

  • In PartyPoker, on the left-hand list of options, select Preferences
  • Select Basic Settings
  • Set Language to English

Use local time

  • In PartyPoker, locate the time on the bottom-right hand corner of the main lobby.
  • Click on the time and select “Switch to local time”.

Enable hand history

  • In PartyPoker, on the left-hand list of options, select Preferences
  • Select Advanced options
  • Check the checkbox labelled Store Hand History logs
  • Set Store last: to 365 days
  • Click on Save
  • Restart PartyPoker

Set preferred seat in SharkScope Desktop (Windows Only)

On Windows, SharkScope Desktop can not automatically read your PartyPoker settings.

If you have set preferred a seat in PartyPoker, you’ll need to manually tell SharkScope Desktop what those settings are.

Do this in Tools -> Preferences -> Poker Rooms screen. Ensure that your preferred seat matches in both SharkScope Desktop and PartyPoker for each table size.

Note that if you have no preferred seat set in PartyPoker, you must also have no preferred seat set in SharkScope Desktop. This ensures that the HUD can place player info at the right place on the table.

Set preferred seat in SharkScope Desktop (Mac)

  • Select “partypoker” from the PartyPoker menu bar
  • Select “Preferences”
  • In the window that options, click on “Table”
  • Make sure “Use preferred seating” is enabled
  • For each table size, from 10 players down to 2 players, set a preferred seat
  • Restart PartyPoker and SharkScope Desktop


  • SharkScope Desktop doesn’t work with play money hands on PartyPoker. That’s because PartyPoker doesn’t save your hand history files for PartyPoker.
  • No HUD for cash games. Read below to understand why.

Why no HUD on PartyPoker Cash Games?

As of October 5th, 2016, PartyPoker makes cash game hand history files anonymized. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Anonymized PartyPoker cash game hand history files are imported.
  • You can view your own PartyPoker stats in our charts and tables.
  • You can replay PartyPoker hands on our replayer
  • The HUD will not show for you or your opponents
  • These changes only apply to cash games. PartyPoker tournament hand history files still identify all players as before.

Why no HUD on PartyPoker Sit and Go Jackpot tournaments?

A recent PartyPoker update removed some important information from the window titles of Sit and Go Jackpot tables. We need this information to be able to match the PartyPoker window to the corresponding hand histories.

We’re hoping that PartyPoker undoes this change in the near future. Until then, we are actively looking for work-arounds to solve this problem.