You can change your SharkScope filter directly from the HUD. Just click on the filter icon you see in this picture:

The icon’s colour changes as follows:

  • White: No filter applied.
  • Blue: Default filter applied (the one you have set in SharkScope Desktop’s preferences).
  • Green: Filter for this table has been changed directly from the HUD.
  • Warning: The filter you’ve chosen to show on this table was deleted from the SharkScope website. You need to go the the SharkScope Desktop preferences and change your SharkScope filters.

Default filter

Filter changed from the HUD

Deleted filter

You can create new filters or edit existing ones on the Sharkscope website with your SharkScope account.

To set your default filters for each game type and each table size go to “SharkScope Desktop > Preferences > SharkScope > SharkScope HUD statistics filters”.